Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Long, Long Time

Sorry. I have a hard time sitting at the computer for any length of time these days. I am lucky to get to my email, let alone the blog. I quit taking some of my daily meds to see if they were causing the sleepiness, but have yet to determine that. It would help if I went to bed early too. I do have to share my Friday with you. I had a pretty good day at work. Michelle and Tammie and I laughed and giggled all day long. We got off early and I went home to a disaster. Poor Sean. You really need to have a long period of uninterrupted sleep in order to funtion, and he doesn't get it that often. Mom (and Sara and the kids) has been in Texas (I sure miss her and hope she is having a good time), which means that those long sleep periods only happen on weekends and evenings when he doesn't work.

He had been napping and Nora and Olivia got the vasoline out and put it in their hair and on the couch. They also got the hair spray down and emptied it in their hair. There was the individual chip bags all over and they were opened, so there was chips and crumbs everywhere too. Movies and cds had been pulled out of the cabinet and then out of their cases, with the crumbs all over them. Let's just say: It was bad. I immediately felt very over whelmed.

I called Melody and let out my frustration. Isabelle had spent the day over there (I guess that's why the house was that way it was). I called Mom next and while talking to her, I heard Tori crying. I went up to get her and found her on the rocking chair covered in cedar chips with the cedar all over the floor in the living room too. Olivia came down with them in her hair. I just started crying at that point. I had given Tori some animal crackers and the kids took the rest and spread them all over. I had it! Mom was feeling so bad that she couldn't do anything. Sean called while I was crying to mom, so I was talking to him and sobbing and he couldn't do anything since he was at work.

Well, Melody, Emma, and Isabelle came over and Mel saved me. While I was cleaning the mess in the Living Room, she tackled the kitchen. She helped the girls finish Belle's room (Caleb cleaned his room) and then bathed the three. Nora and Livy had their hair washed twice and still came out with crusty hair ( I have washed it four times since and we about have it out). After that, Mel scrubbed down the bathroom! She was amazing!

Saturday we went to the circus with Mel, Emma and Ella. I put Tori down for a nap since Sean was home sleeping. It left something to be desired, but it was fun getting out. We stopped at DQ for some ice cream and then headed home. I ended up cleaning the kitchen floor with the carpet cleaner and after the kids went to bed, I used it on the living room floors. I brought the rug back in and cleaned it, put oxy clean, biz bleach, and spray n wash on it. I scrubbed it with a bristle brush and then cleaned it again, and again, and again. I futured the kitchen floor and the main walk way in the living room and trapped myself in there, so I watched a little tv while I waited for it to dry. I ended up going to bed around 4:15am and was up by 7:30 for church. Sean helped the kids get ready and I was at church a little late, but made it by 9:30. My arm was killing me, but the house looked a whole lot better.

Next I will have to blog about Nora's hair...