Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tag (past due)

Okay, Jodi tagged me awhile ago and I thought I had better get this done: If you don't know the rules of this tag, you have to google the answer and choose an image on the first page of google images.

Favorite Vacation: Philmont

Favorite Color: Lavender

Age: 33

Favorite Treat: CHOCOLATE!!!

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Where I want to travel: Greece

Where I Grew Up: Illinois

Where I Live: Decatur, IL (I know, it's so lovely)

Last Name: Maxey (I guess one of these guys is Lamar Maxey-whoever that is.)

Middle Name: Elizabeth - Elizabeth I

First Name: Amy (I cheated and picked the first one not dressed like a complete slut - Amy Adams)

Past Love: Camping (someday...)

Favorite Animal: Horse (hey Sean, can I have one???)
Okay, I guess I am supposed to tag some people...Brent, Jessie, Amber, and Annie Now...go!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought that maybe I would add one more post for the month of November. There isn't a lot to say, but I am sure I will find the words to say it. I can make a five minute explanation turn into an hour.

Thanksgiving was good. Sara and Sean and the kids came over and helped Mom with the cooking. I spent most of this lovely holiday weekend feeling terrible, so instead of helping, I just add more for Mom to do. Poor Mom. I think she suffers the most from this morning sickness (aside from me of course). Sean is wonderful and tries to do all that he can, but with him working nights and sleeping days, Mom ends up with the rotten end of the stick. And when I mean rotten, I mean Tori. Talk about rotten! That girl has been having real diaper issues. For the past two mornings I have gotten up at 6:30 with her and had to put her straight in the bathtub, clothes and all! Disgusting! Today she had three changes of clothing besides that. I did the baths, but Mom ends up with the diaper part a lot.

We did get our tree today. There was some problems with it once we got it home and had to do some trimming, but between Dad and I, we managed to save it. Dad enjoys telling people (when he remembers the right word) that our tree has a prosthetic limb. Now we need to decorate it. Let's save that for another day...

Nora and Olivia's school pictures should be in this week, so I will have to post those with the next blog. Work is getting difficult with this pregnancy thing. We are busy getting ready for Christmas and getting things for all 378 kids to take home to their parents and Christmas parties, and special programs and break-ins over at the main office... Yes! Break-ins! Turns out they are coming in the roof and we didn't learn from the last one a month or two ago and left most offices unlocked and a laptop in the conference area. So they took poor Jenny's big back of candy from her secret santa, and poor Brenda's 35 cents, and six of poor Michelle's hot chocolate packets. How evil! Okay, they did take the laptop too. But I was too sneaky for them this time. You can't steal my fruit bars if I don't have any! Ha ha!!

Sean did have an interview for the site manager position for Illinois Crane at the Decatur Caterpillar. The current one will be going north to Joliet or somewhere to work at the plant there. I guess we will know soon if they are willing to let him off the night shift or not. I shouldn't complain because it's a good job and he is really needed and wanted there, but I miss him!

Congratulations Jodi!!! I wish so much that I could come down for your graduation! I am so jealous of Tanya for getting to fly down to be there. Not so much of the others since I couldn't handle a road trip really well. But I sure am proud of you and your amazing hard work!! I sure do miss you and wish I could see you! Don't trip!

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Time

I know, I know.... It's ridiculous! How can I go so long without adding anything? With five kids (and one on the way, by-the-way), you would think I would have plenty to write about! Oh, I do! But the time seems to fly away from me. I am at work all day sitting in front of a computer, not doing much because it is so slow right now, that when I get home and don't have to worry about quota time, I don't want to be on the computer. Oh well. Let's see...Olivia and Nora are enjoying school and their teachers are enjoying them (I guess they are sweet and obedient in class, who knew?). We just got their proofs back from the school photographer and should be getting the actual pictures back soon. Caleb and Isabelle and now both going to John's Hill and are also brown nosers, or so I hear. I can't believe that Caleb is in kindergarten already. Isabelle has moved up to the third floor, where the third - fifth grades are. I hate those stairs! Nora will be joining them next year and I just shake my head.

Sean still works nights as the shift supervisor and does well at it. His boss doesn't want to change that because no one else would take that job and not need hand holding. So I guess they love him at work. He has two guys that he works with and they all seem to work well together. It helps that one guy's wife and the other guy's girlfriend are sisters.

Tori is growing way too quickly. She will be 18 months in just 8 days! Yes, we are counting down! It will be so great to put her in nursery without feeling guilty that she is 2 weeks early. :) I have been so tempted to cut off her hair. It is driving me crazy! Besides the food in it at all times, she pulls out her hair pretties and it hangs in her face like cousin it. It's a bit amusing to watch her try to look up at you through that hair. She has graduated to the bottom bunk of the bunk bed she now shares with Caleb. She can definitely get down on her own. Saturday I went in to see if she was awake and I couldn't find her. I got a little panicked and checked the other bedrooms only to come back and search her room again. I finally found her UNDER the bed, sound asleep...That's my baby...

Okay, I guess that's enough for now. Maybe I will come back soon.? Who knows.