Sunday, March 23, 2008

It Once Was Lost, But Now It's Found

There is a great sense of satisfaction when you find something that has been pretty lost. Meaning - you have looked all over the dang house and even spent two days cleaning the playroom with out success, but there it is. Right in its spot. Sorry Amber. No keys or W-2 there.

This stinking camera was right where it was supposed to be. In the dirty diaper closet. No. There aren't dirty diapers in there, but there is diapers and the closet is dirty. It was even on the shelf it was supposed to be on. I think it's time to clean out the closet and call it the clean diaper closet for a day or two.

So here are some pictures for you...Caleb's birthday.....

Caleb's Cupcakes for school.

Waiting to enjoy the cupcake.

Nora joining in the party.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Was a Dark and Storm Day

I still can't find my camera. It is really bothering me too. Yes Amber, when I find that black hole, I will check for your stuff too.

Yesterday Mom had us over for dinner. She made split pea soup, watergate salad, and green water. Mmmm. It was good. Nora is becoming quite a collector of other peoples' things. She picked up Dad's flashlight last night and it didn't phase her a bit when I made her go take it to him and tell him that she was sorry for taking it. She crammed some thin mints in her mouth later on because she knew she wasn't supposed to have anymore and ended up choking on them. I wasn't feeling too sorry for her at that point. She had to sit in time out until she was ready to apologize to Grammy. She wouldn't do it until she thought that we had all left her when we went to put stuff (and Tori) out in the van. I just don't know what to do with her.

There is a reason why I don't like toddler potties. Olivia has one out right now so that she can be encouraged to use it (which isn't being very encouraging, seeing as how she hasn't used it or anything). Tonight I went upstairs to put kids to bed and smelled something bad. I found that someone had used the potty. Not today either. I asked Caleb and Nora and Caleb admitted that he had done it, but he quickly added "but that was when I was four!" It didn't help him any. He still got a spank and sent to his room. Oh, should I admit that? I am a terrible mother. I spanked my son today.

I love my job. I never thought that I would say something like that. I never imagined myself working outside the home. And the idea of working would make me cringe. But here I am. Working and loving it. Does it have something to do with the fact that I have 5 kids under 8? Could be. Do I like getting away for a few hours? Perhaps. Is the extra income nice? Maybe. Is it all of the above? Absolutely. But I do have to say that the past two days have been soooo long! Mary C. and I went recruiting to Mt. Zion yesterday and today. If you don't know Mt. Zion, it's a very nice town just outside of Decatur, to the southeast. There are a lot of upscale homes and middle class homes there, and not many rougher places. If you know what I am getting at. Head Start is for the less privileged families. Like ours :) So we went and sat there at the pre-k screening from 8:45 - 2pm yesterday and 8:45 - 12 pm today doing nothing! No one was interested in putting their darlings into pre-school with the less fortunate. It's a little amusing to me to see this. Especially since I have two in the program. I have to say that I appreciate all that Nora and Caleb learn from school, including diversity and to see people for who they are on the inside. They don't see the color of skin or the clothes, but the personalities. Anyway, it was so boring! And even when we got back to the site, there wasn't anything to do. Here's hoping for crazy chaos tomorrow...but only at work, not at home.

Okay, I am off to bed. Sean is working again tonight, so I am going to go snuggle in bed and watch a little tv before going to sleep. Sorry again for my lack of pictures. My blog feels so naked!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Missing Camera

I know that I have a black hole in my house. It's not just this house. It moves with me. When Isabelle was just a baby, Sean's grandma, Bulah made her a Christmas stocking with her name on it to match ours. It was very special to us. Of course we got this just as we were moving to Ohio. We looked high and low for that thing. We looked in Illinois at our old place and in storage. We looked through boxes over and over. We never did find that. That's when it began. How do you explain to your child that Great-grandma loved her, but she doesn't have a stocking like Mom, Daddy and Caleb. (She passed away before the others came.)

Well, now it has taken my camera. Where in the world could it be??? I guess I do have five little sets of hands that love to take off with things. And Nora is becoming somewhat of a kleptomaniac... Well, thankfully we can always count on Sara to have hers.

And "Why am I sitting here typing at 2:45 in the am?" do you ask? Good question. Why? I was worried that the primary kids wouldn't know the words to Beautiful Savior next Sunday for their Sacrament Song, so I thought I should hunt up the visual display for it. That's why. And while I was at it, why not get the Articles of Faith Songs again, and hey, I am awake anyway, why not type a little on my blog! Twice in a week! Yea for me! Maybe I should go back to bed...

We (Belle, Caleb, Spencer, Nora and I) went to go see Suessical, the Dr. Suess musical yesterday. It was really cute and I would recommend it too young kids and their parents. Just a side note before I sign off. Sorry, no pictures of the birthday or the party...No camera!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Maxey Mahem Mixes with More Messes

Yeah, I don't know what that is supposes to mean. I just don't like coming up with a title. I have a wonderful friend who has this wonderful "journal" and the titles are completely random. I am just not funny. Funny things happen to me. I laugh at funny things (Sean isn't one of them, so don't ask). My kids are funny looking (ohhh, just kidding little thunder chunk...).
As I sit here and enjoy the peace and quiet I think, man, I am lucky. It's Friday night and Caleb isn't here to wake up the two little ones at 6:30 in the morning! I get to sleep in! It has been a long time since I could do that! Sean has been asleep all day and is still sleeping. I probably will go sleep on the couch so that I don't disturb him. Poor guy. He got food poisoning early this morning and ended up driving himself from work to the er and puking the whole way. He tells me there is some on the door, but I think I will just go with his word on this...
I was sick yesterday. It started with a migraine the night before and I guess I caught a 24hour bug to go with it, but it was not food poisoning! Mom and Sara took the two little ones shopping with them after I came home early from work. After they were done, Mom came over with the two and helped around the living room and kitchen, fixed dinner, and put kids to bed! She's amazing!
I know why I have a hard time sitting down and writing things. I write too much!
We kept Mom on the run today too. I got to come home early today because there was nothing at the office to do, so I cleaned out a fish tank (and somehow lost a frog in the process) and Mom made a transformer cake. Caleb is so excited for his party tomorrow night! It was nice to spend time with Mom and Sara today. It's been awhile.
Caleb turned 5 on Wednesday. Sean had to work, so we opened presents when I got home and before he left. Caleb asked for corn, beans, juice, and turkey for his birthday dinner. Today he informed us that he didn't like turkey. Saturday he just wants corn, beans, and juice. I will have to post more pictures later. I am falling asleep as I type.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun (or something like that)

Well, I told myself that I would try to get in at least one post a week, and I have failed already! So sad. I haven't given up yet though.

There hasn't been any big or exciting new here, just that I seem to be on the run all the time. Tuesday was Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts and the theme was Chinese New Year. I don't know about your areas, but here in Decatur, you just don't find much for that. I did get some material and started making runners. But Sean ended up finishing them and ironing them. What a guy! Thankfully, Teresa Cluff's husband works in Bloomington and found great stuff there. Rochelle and Bob Mooth talked about China and the things they learned there. It was wonderful. The people who did the food did a wonderful job!

Work has been good. I still enjoy going everyday and look forward to the next. I am getting the hang of things, which is nice. Michelle and then Tammie have come to work feeling miserable. We have heard too much about the staff that keeps taking off work for the littlest things, so it's hard for us to miss. I made Tammie go home on Friday after she got done with her monthly tracking (not that she was fighting me about it). I am worried that I am next, but luckily, I have been spared. We are working on the March parent meeting and the three of us are in charge of the monthly newsletter. Cozette makes sure that I have plenty to do so that I don't keep coming to her for more stuff. I realize (thanks to Sean) that I need to back off anyway, but she does know and so far I haven't made her too crazy.

Tori is pulling herself up these days. Which makes bedtime a little bit harder. But it's so cute to see her with that big grin that says "I did it!" She sure is growing up quickly! Those legs are soooo chunky! She is finally getting one of her top front teeth in and soon we can't call her a vampire.

Yesterday, Isabelle and I dressed alike, so Daddy got our picture. Belle got her Girl Scout Cookies in and I brought them to school on my lunch hour. She was so excited that I came and that we were dressed alike. Someday she will be so embarrassed of me, but for now, I will take what I can get.

It's good to have Sean home for the weekend. It goes by so slowly when he works and so quickly when he doesn't. I better go . Things to get ready for, stuff to buy, kids to play with, and rooms to clean.