Friday, June 27, 2008

So Many Posts?

I posted on Sunday, and I noticed (at a nice early hour of 3:30am) this morning that there are a bunch of new posts from friends and family. How do you do it? I went two months! Well, here is twice in a week...:) How do people do it? I do enjoy reading them and hope you keep them coming!

Yesterday we had some sad news from the bridge behind our house. At about 1pm I heard a loud crash, like snapping or something and Belle said to Olivia, "Did that scare you?" I went to our room, which provides a great view of the bridge and there was a bit of hurried activity and a guy running to the road, like he was waiting for someone. Moments later came the firetrucks, ambulance, and police. They had quite a time getting down there and getting the guy out, but they managed. Unfortunately, the man didn't make it. I guess a cable snapped on the pile driving crane that was just putting in a huge steel beam. Here is the story. Here is the Newspaper's story. They have been investigating all night long and lights are still on out there. There was some of the trestle that broke, so they have to hurry and get that fixed before any trains can cross.

On a lighter note. Tori is really taking off. The most I have seen her go is about 7 steps without holding on. But she is so top heavy (:)) and gets so excited that she has a hard time keeping balanced. It's fun to watch.

The kids are doing the library program and enjoying getting read to, or in Belle's case - reading. She loves to read to the others. It is so cute to watch. They earn prizes if they meet the goal they made at the last library visit. So we have library books all over this big house and I know I won't be able to find them all. There's positive thinking for you.

We are all in our correct bedrooms now! Cribs and clothes have been moved. Office has been cleared out. Cots have moved. Etc... If any of you have seen Mom's office, you would be so amazed at how well she has done clearing it out. Dad has done a wonderful job making room for her too! Her office space looks so neat and organized! Blessing in disguise :) We need to get to the storage unit and bring over beds/bunk beds, couches, and other various things in order to really get moved in, but that might need to wait till Sean's next weekend off. And a fixed truck...

All the Maxey Grandkids

Sean and Livy waiting for the van to get fixed

And here is Devon's trick...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moving on...

Well, we are alive. After much prodding from others, including Sean, I am giving a "brief" update of our lives. Here it goes...

We moved! We were renting our house and situations changed, so we needed to move out. We were staying at my parents while we were searching for a home that would fit us just right. It's not easy when you are looking for a place that takes 2 adults, 5 small kids, a dog, 3 guinea pigs, fish, frogs, and snails... Well, Mom had come home one evening after being gone all day (I blame it on short term memory - she had already forgotten the chaos of all of us being in her home) and said that we should just move in with them! After discussing it further with Sean and Dad (at different times), we decided it was the way to go. They have 5000+ square feet after all, which includes 3 1/2 baths, 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, tv room, play area, basement, office,, here we are. We can help with bills, and they can help with child care while we both work. It actually is working out well all around. Although we did get rid of the dog, a fish died and we have a tadpole. Philmont, one of the guinea pigs, had two babies, but they didn't make it. On a related note, I am not pregnant, for a change.

I am currently off for the summer. I have enjoyed being with the kids more. Being gone all day has made me appreciate the time I do have with them. Although the trip to Ohio was wearing me out. Especially since I was with my in-laws with out Sean most of the time. Since he had to work, he drove us over and came right back home so that he could get to work. He drove all day in order to get to work just in time - 12 hours later he was ready for sleep. He then drove over to get us. He had been working the weekend and after his Sunday shift he went home, took a shower, and then drove 7 1/2 hours to come get us. We did let him rest a little and didn't leave the very next day. But we left on Wednesday so that he could be to work that evening. Our water pump went out in Canal Winchester (just south of Columbus) and put us a couple of hours behind, but the auto mechanics were great (if you ever have car problems in that area, go to Hoffman's and they will fix you right up!) and we were on our way in enough time so that Sean could get to work on time. Speaking of his work...he was hired on as night supervisor of his shift for Illinois Crane at Caterpillar. They finally made him official June 1st. Yea!! He likes his job and we are kind of getting used to the schedule. I miss him though. I start back to work on the 21st of July and Nora and Olivia will be going to full day preschool soon after that.

Caleb is ready for kindergarten. He got rave reviews from his teachers and is surprising us with all that he knows. Belle finished 2nd grade with flying colors and is moving on to 3rd grade, but her teacher remains a mystery. I guess they might be getting a new one. Nora continues to be our klutz. She picked out a bike helmet and pad from a garage sale near Mamaw's (Ohio Grandma) and was wearing them and still managed to scrape her elbow with the elbow pad on! Only she can do that. She still won't leave Tori alone. It would be really sweet if Tori didn't scream every time Nora mauled her. Olivia isn't hearing well. She has a lot of fluid in her ears and we are going to have to take her to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor in July. She will most likely be getting tubes. She is quite rough and seems to hit a lot. I think she is our tom boy. It's hard to keep her clean. She really has a mind of her own. Tori is trying hard to walk. Or rather, we are trying hard to get Tori to walk. Caleb likes to do the "walking thing" which is trying to get Tori to walk back and forth between two people. The problem with that is that you need to have two people that she really wants to go to. Daddy, Mommy, or Grammy, but definitely not Nora! She is working on more teeth, since eight is not enough. She still eats everything! She got two big bites out of Mamaw's bar of soap before someone took it away. And then there's the garlic...