Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tag (past due)

Okay, Jodi tagged me awhile ago and I thought I had better get this done: If you don't know the rules of this tag, you have to google the answer and choose an image on the first page of google images.

Favorite Vacation: Philmont

Favorite Color: Lavender

Age: 33

Favorite Treat: CHOCOLATE!!!

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Where I want to travel: Greece

Where I Grew Up: Illinois

Where I Live: Decatur, IL (I know, it's so lovely)

Last Name: Maxey (I guess one of these guys is Lamar Maxey-whoever that is.)

Middle Name: Elizabeth - Elizabeth I

First Name: Amy (I cheated and picked the first one not dressed like a complete slut - Amy Adams)

Past Love: Camping (someday...)

Favorite Animal: Horse (hey Sean, can I have one???)
Okay, I guess I am supposed to tag some people...Brent, Jessie, Amber, and Annie Now...go!


Brent Danley said...

Okay, I've done it. Whew!

Google Images - For Amy Maxey

I hope you dig.

Amy and Chaos said...

Nice! Love the middle name picture :)

The More the Merrier said...

I love reading people's tags, so I am glad you obliged. Also, your family is SO cute! I can't believe how much they are growing! I have sad news about Christmas in WV. I don't know where Reba came up with that. I WISH i could be there, but my family has beckoned us home to California for the holiday. James has now applied to vet school at the Champain/Urbana vet school, so maybe I'll get to see you sooner than I think! I hope you feel better soon with the whole morning sickness thing. I was pregnant this summer (it didn't work out) and felt pukey till week 13 so I feel for you. Thank goodness for family around!