Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought that maybe I would add one more post for the month of November. There isn't a lot to say, but I am sure I will find the words to say it. I can make a five minute explanation turn into an hour.

Thanksgiving was good. Sara and Sean and the kids came over and helped Mom with the cooking. I spent most of this lovely holiday weekend feeling terrible, so instead of helping, I just add more for Mom to do. Poor Mom. I think she suffers the most from this morning sickness (aside from me of course). Sean is wonderful and tries to do all that he can, but with him working nights and sleeping days, Mom ends up with the rotten end of the stick. And when I mean rotten, I mean Tori. Talk about rotten! That girl has been having real diaper issues. For the past two mornings I have gotten up at 6:30 with her and had to put her straight in the bathtub, clothes and all! Disgusting! Today she had three changes of clothing besides that. I did the baths, but Mom ends up with the diaper part a lot.

We did get our tree today. There was some problems with it once we got it home and had to do some trimming, but between Dad and I, we managed to save it. Dad enjoys telling people (when he remembers the right word) that our tree has a prosthetic limb. Now we need to decorate it. Let's save that for another day...

Nora and Olivia's school pictures should be in this week, so I will have to post those with the next blog. Work is getting difficult with this pregnancy thing. We are busy getting ready for Christmas and getting things for all 378 kids to take home to their parents and Christmas parties, and special programs and break-ins over at the main office... Yes! Break-ins! Turns out they are coming in the roof and we didn't learn from the last one a month or two ago and left most offices unlocked and a laptop in the conference area. So they took poor Jenny's big back of candy from her secret santa, and poor Brenda's 35 cents, and six of poor Michelle's hot chocolate packets. How evil! Okay, they did take the laptop too. But I was too sneaky for them this time. You can't steal my fruit bars if I don't have any! Ha ha!!

Sean did have an interview for the site manager position for Illinois Crane at the Decatur Caterpillar. The current one will be going north to Joliet or somewhere to work at the plant there. I guess we will know soon if they are willing to let him off the night shift or not. I shouldn't complain because it's a good job and he is really needed and wanted there, but I miss him!

Congratulations Jodi!!! I wish so much that I could come down for your graduation! I am so jealous of Tanya for getting to fly down to be there. Not so much of the others since I couldn't handle a road trip really well. But I sure am proud of you and your amazing hard work!! I sure do miss you and wish I could see you! Don't trip!


Brent Danley said...

Thanks for posting, Amy. I hope Sean gets the job and that you feel better.


Jodi's Ramblings said...

Thank you for the shout out! And for jinxing me. Because now I am sure I will trip!

I am sorry you aren't feeling well--any news yet on the job?

Amber said...

I love when you post. So keep it up already! Good luck with Sean's job and hopefully you start feeling better ASAP!!

Kirsten Danley said...

I'm sooo glad to be done with diapers. ;-) I hope this sickness doesn't last too long. I hope everything goes well with Sean's job.